Strategic HR Services


Strategic HR to Hit Your Business Goals

Plan and execute your HR goals with strategic guidance that gets to the heart of your people needs

No matter what stage your business is at, expert HR guidance is essential for the positive management of your team. Whether you're looking to grow, need help solving staffing issues or need some advice, our team have spent more than two decades working with businesses facing a vast array of challenges. We will help you gain clarity and confidence around your HR.

Our Strategic HR Services are perfect for businesses wanting to take a big-picture look at their setup and processes to create a clear and actionable plan.


Our Strategic HR Services

HR Needs Assessment

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your people.
  • Assess how your current staff match the people you need around you to achieve your vision, mission and goals.
  • Help you gain an in-depth understanding of your HR needs and priorities.

Strategic Human Resources Planning

  • Restructures and change-management plans.
  • Risk mitigation advice.
  • Solutions to develop action plans aligned with business goals.
  • Redundancies and Redeployment

Putting the human in Human Resources

We take the time to get to know your business so we can guide you, your team and your processes in the right direction to reach your goals. We have a deep understanding of what brings people to your organisation, makes them productive and determines whether they stay or leave. We will help create the work environment that will get you where you want to be.


Save money with on-demand expertise

Working with Enigma HR is like having an in-house HR department without the expense. We give you support and advice when you need it, so you can strategically invest your money where it counts.


Impartial advice and strategies

As an independent HR Consultancy, we look at your requirements objectively, tailoring our expertise to suit you. Unlike employees, we don’t have to fear that our own job may be at risk. So, we can assess, recommend and work in partnership with you to make the changes that are best for your business.

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