About Us


The experts in creating and implementing tailored HR solutions for Australian businesses

Enigma HR specialises in providing expert HR support and workforce management solutions to Australian SMEs. We act as an internal HR team for businesses, assisting with all aspects of their HR needs. Founded in 1997 in Sydney, Australia, we've grown into an industry leader while still maintaining our boutique service offering.

We work closely with our clients, investing time into auditing current processes, implementing new strategies and handling their recruitment needs. We use our team’s years of industry experience and expertise to ensure that we’re operating as a cohesive part of their business, working together towards perfect HR solutions.


What We Live By

It’s our mission to provide genuine workforce management results to our clients. We're inventive people, a little unorthodox, and always looking for a smarter way to get you the best result possible. Everything we do comes back to a straightforward concept: be ethical, be professional, be friendly and serve our clients well.

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Our values

  • Never Mislead
  • Be Passionate: What we do is important!
  • Never be Orthodox or Timid: Don’t obey, think!
  • Innovate and Create: Provide real solutions to your challenges!
  • Develop Intellect: Reward attempts, they lead to success!
  • Develop Partnerships: Provide an environment that is both empowering and rewarding!

We will succeed. Deliver promises.


Why Choose Us?

# We make things personal

We get to know you and your business so we can provide only the best HR solutions that fit your unique needs.

# We are as smart as they come

We use our in-depth knowledge to advise on the best practices, positions, the latest trends in careers, salaries and industry movement.

# Modern oursite the box thinking

You’ll have highly skilled and experienced HR team members, Workplace Health and Safety and Employment Law professionals on hand when you need them.

# Big reputation, boutique service

Our company has grown since we opened our doors in 1997, but our clients still receive our outstanding personalised, boutique service.

# Network of trusted advisors

We understand what's important to people and businesses. It's our diverse experience and commitment to our clients that will help you get a tailored result to your needs.


Liza Garrido

Founder and Managing Director

Having worked in the industry for more than over 20 years, Liza Garrido leads Enigma HR with a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise that shapes the personalised service

"I founded Enigma HR in 1997 intending to be a high-quality, full-service HR solution for my clients. I like to challenge my clients' assumptions about people, roles and HR practices. I believe that being a leader in the HR consulting field requires so much more than working to out-dated templated solutions.

Our clients get the benefit of my team's many years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the requirements for any given role."

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