Occupational Health and Safety Policy


Special Labour Hire Occupational Health And Safety Policy

It is the responsibility of Enigma HR as a labour hire agency to do all things necessary to ensure that our “on hire” employees are not put at risk of injury or disease whilst working for a client. It must be recognized though that whilst it is the legal responsibility of the agency to secure the health and safety of their contract employees, the “ host employer” (clients of the agency who have engaged in the contract labour) has an equal responsibility to these contract employees while they are working for them.

Special Labour Hire Occupational Health And Safety Procedures

Enigma HR is responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure that the potential risks to their agency workers have been controlled by the client. This should occur prior to the worker starting work with the host employer.

In order to minimize the risk to health and safety to contract employees, Enigma HR should observe the following steps:

1. Gather information about the job specifically:

  • Type of work employees are expected to perform
  • The equipment to be used or handled
  • The type of physical working environment: hazards, excessive temperature, noise, confined space
  • Location of the workplace: isolated or unsupervised?

2. Gather information about the skills and competencies required to do the job, specifically:

  • Licences, qualifications required
  • Training which will be provided by the client
  • Supervision which will be provided

3. Conduct a worksite visit to initially make a preliminary risk assessment or to make a thorough risk assessment. The aim of the visit is to:

  • Verify the information provided by the client
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Assess the risks of health and safety associated with work and the work environment
  • Negotiate arrangements to improve risk controls if found to be unsatisfactory

Obtain the client’s agreement to provide a safe and healthy workplace for contract employees supplied. Document the arrangements by which the client agrees to put in place to assist the agency in meeting its legal obligation of ensuring that agency employees are not injured while undertaking work for the client.

Providing the employee with appropriate information, instruction and training Prior to placement with a client, employees need to be provided with written and verbal explanation of the:

  • Agency OHS policy procedures
  • Agency workers rehabilitation and compensation policy and procedure
  • Details of the job
  • Worker rights and responsibilities

Monitoring Employee Health and Safety

Monitoring should be conducted on a regular basis (service visits to the host employer) and the frequency should be consistent with the risks associated with the job. Monitoring allows an inspection of the workplace and observes the work process carried out by employees and maintaining contact with the client to ensure measures to protect the safety of the employees are being maintained.

Additional visits must be conducted when Enigma HR are notified of any fundamental change to the workplace or the job which may put employees at risk and report a safety incident or an injury to an employee.

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